2023 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair

2023 HK Watch & Clock fair is Finished,we will share the nice designs ::)

After five years the HK fair has many people to visit and because of the heavy rain in 8th.Sep, so the fair closed in the 8th, Sep, open in the 9th.Sep. again ,

There are so many watch brands owners and buyers visit our booth,

Here is our team, we are a strong team to does unique and quality watches, we are doing totally unique mechanical watches, in the future, we hope to support more brands, and make their own watch idea come true.

Our new watch design is the GMT watch design,

The New Material is Steel case +K9 crystal case, and the design has been many customers selected, maybe it is a new direction 🙂

This is our patent , combining the steel case with the K9 crystal, steel case in Swiss standard finish, the crystal in colorful, and based on different price ranges the material can change into all sapphire or mineral,

After five years ,economy is not good, you will find only focus on high quality watches brands they are doing good sales and looking for new direction for future watch collections,

2023 we develop and launch new GMT movement,hope people can make new watch collections and make unique watches in the future 🙂

See the trends of GMT watch here 🙂

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