Wandering Hours Watch Wandering Watch For Sale


Could I make a wandering Hour watch sample?

Yes, we can make a wandering hour watch sample,you just offer your logo to us,

What is the MOQ of the Wandering Hour watches?

50 pcs,



Additional information

Wandering Hour Watch Case Size


Wandering Hour Watch thickness


Wandering Hour Watch Power ReserveReserve


Wandering Hour Watch Jewelry


Wandering Hour Watch Frequency


Product Details

Wandering Hours Watch Wandering Watch For Sale

Would u like to do private label Wandering hour watches?

How to find a wandering watch supplier?

Or maybe you just need to make a Wandering Hour Module for your movement then do your own brand watches.

Kanster watches factory specialized in OEM & ODM wandering hour watches,

If you want to do your own design wandering Hour watch, we can design for you, if you wish to use our wandering hour watch design then make your logo,

It is acceptable because wandering hour watch is a high-end luxury watch, just some famous brands use, if you want to do unique wandering hour watches, we can be your suppliers and make design and make simple and for bulk order

How to make a wandering hour watch?

What is a wandering hour complication?

Our wandering hour watch has three-disc, A wandering hour complication displays the time by moving a pointer showing the hour across an arc showing the minutes, and the second across the bezel No.then show the second

Please check out this one three-disc wandering hour watch here?

How does the wandering hour meter work?

Please check the wandering Hour watch working video:



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