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Behind the Scenes at Watch IDea - Swiss Precision Watchmaking

Welcome to Watch IDea, where Swiss watchmaking tradition meets modern craftsmanship. With our watchmakers having honed their skills in Switzerland from 1980 to 2018, we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of timepieces. In this exclusive video, we invite you into our state-of-the-art factory, where precision and passion come together. Witness the meticulous art of watch case production, the rigorous testing of our timepieces, and the intricate process of crafting mechanical watches. Explore the intricate world of watch complications, and marvel at our watch rotors that power these exquisite timepieces. We take pride in our ability to design and produce watch movements that are the heart and soul of our watches. Join us on a journey through the heart of Swiss watchmaking excellence. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or simply appreciate the art of craftsmanship, our video will provide a captivating insight into our commitment to quality, precision, and timeless beauty. Subscribe, like, and share to stay updated with the world of Watch IDea.

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Watch Case Manufacturing

Surface finishes like sandblasting and satin-brushing are achieved through abrasive blasting cabinets. Polishing wheels impart mirror shine or brushed textures. Casemakers expertly edge bevels and lugs by hand.

Decorative techniques like perlage, côtes de Genève, and anglage further embellish the cases. Components are meticulously assembled, with water resistance testing performed. Each finished case meets our stringent quality control standards.

It takes mastery of machining, hand-finishing, and assembly to create a Watch Idea luxury watch case. Our goal is to produce peerless cases worthy of the exceptional Swiss movements inside. Discover the craftsmanship behind our watch cases.


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Private Label Watch Manufaturers

At Watch Idea, we pride ourselves on being a leading private-label watch manufacturer. Our specialty lies in creating exclusive timepieces tailored specifically for your brand.

Work closely with our designers to craft a watch collection that seamlessly embodies your brand’s identity, from the dial design to case materials and shapes. Add your logo and brand name onto quality Swiss movements and customize the intricate details.

We utilize cutting-edge manufacturing techniques alongside traditional Swiss artistry to produce watches with the fit, finish and performance expected from the luxury watch segment. Our integrated approach means your private label watches are crafted entirely under one roof.

As an established private label partner trusted by newcomers and veterans alike, Watch Idea delivers exceptional Swiss watches tailored specifically for your brand and customers. Achieve the prestige of Swiss watchmaking without the barriers.

Customer's Feedback

We have many clients who are customer-introduced, because we are making good quality watches, and we have many customers who repeat orders. hope you can join us then we can work together on your watch collections:)


Could I make a private label sample?

Yes, we can make private label watch sample for you based on your requirements

Can you offer watch parts in kits sets?

Yes,if you need assemble by yourself or in Switzerland,we can offer Swiss standard watch parts to you.

Can you make custom watch rotors for our movements?

Yes, we can ,our technical engineer will check and make feasible watch rotors for you .

CAn you modified Swiss Or Japan Movement Functions for us?

Yes,we can, just offer your requirements and the functions you need.

Can you Design for our watches ?

Yes, we have our own designers, so we can design for you based on your requirement 

Can you offer Chinese Tourbillon Movt for us?

Yes, our Tourbillon movement are in house movement, 

Your Swiss Standard Watch Partner

Professional R&D team make watch design for you based on your watch brand positioning.

Watch Idea Make Your Watch Idea Come True

Why choose us?

1. We know your watch quality requirement, becasue our watchmaker live in Switzerland from 1980 to 2018, so all of our processes in Swiss standard watchmaking, please check our workshop here,

2.We have our own watch case factory,and watch band factory watch movement factory , ensure all our watch quality under control,and lead time is under control,

3.We protect our custoemr’s design ,didn’t show our customer’s designs on the website and public, ensure make all cutomer’s design is totally unique and make their watch idea come true. ,we know your watch markets,we make for many famous brands, so we know the watch trends in the future ! Our ,WhatsApp:+86-13809626361.

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Watch Idea -Make Your watch idea come true

Get our new movement and new watch designs:)

New Watch Case Production in good Finish 

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Contact us ,get our new watch designs:)

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