Watch Idea Unveils Exclusive GMT Collection: Own Your Time with Unique In-House Movement


How to make a totally unique GMT watch?

When you find this website, you are close to making unique watches, because we are a individual watchmaker’s watch factory,

So we develop many reliable movements to help the watch brand owner and product manager to help them make unique watches,

We have our own watchmaker engineer can support you , our watchmaker working in watch industry for over 43 years,

If you want to do totally unique watches, you can just contact us, we have our own watch case, watches and watch movement factory ,

It can make your watch idea come true and can protect your watch designs, and lead time and watch quality is under control.

FAQ for how to make mechanical watches?

Q1,If I don’t know how to design watches, can u help us?

Yes, we have many unique designs you can just select our design then make your logo or dial.

Q2,If I have rendering, can u support us in the technical drawing etc.?

Yes we can

Why choose us ?

Please check our factory: All in Switzerland Standard,so you can get reliable quality



Additional information

Case Material

316 L stainless steel

Band Material

Genuine Leather Strap

Case Size

52 x 47 mm

Band Size:

22 mm x 20 mm


In house mechanical self winding movements

Watch Functions

GMT Globe
Open Heart

Product Details

Unlock the pinnacle of horological excellence with Watch Idea’s latest GMT watches, meticulously crafted for brands seeking exclusivity and precision. Our timepieces boast a revolutionary open-heart movement, a testament to our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. With a distinct Swiss finish standard, these GMT watches redefine luxury and sophistication. Elevate your brand identity by partnering with Watch Idea and offering your clientele a truly unique and exceptional timekeeping experience.


Q1: What sets Watch Idea’s GMT watches apart from others in the market? A1: Watch Idea takes pride in offering GMT watches with our proprietary open heart movement, making each timepiece truly one-of-a-kind. The combination of innovation, precision, and Swiss standard finishing sets our watches apart in the competitive market.

Q2: Can we request customizations for the GMT watches to align with our brand identity? A2: Absolutely! Watch Idea specializes in customization. From dial designs to materials and finishes, we work closely with our clients to create bespoke GMT watches that perfectly align with their brand identity and vision.

Q3: What makes the open heart movement unique, and how does it enhance the watch’s appeal? A3: The open heart movement in our GMT watches showcases the intricate mechanics of the watch, providing a mesmerizing view of the beating heart. This not only adds a layer of visual appeal but also highlights the craftsmanship and precision that goes into each timepiece.Because we have our watch movement factory ,ensure support more clients make unique watch, so we develop unique watch movements every year, so hope it can support  you and your own brand

Q4: Is the Swiss finish standard maintained for every Watch Idea GMT watch? A4: Yes, at Watch Idea, we adhere to the highest Swiss finish standards. Our GMT watches undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure that each watch meets the exceptional standards associated with Swiss craftsmanship.

And it depends on your requirement, if you need medium standard, we can do medium standard, just deliver one case sample to us, we will know your requirements,then make a quotation based on your requirement ,because we have our own watch case factory,so we know the price has a gap for medium and very high standards watch price.

Q5: Can Watch Idea assist in designing custom rotors for the GMT watches? A5: Certainly! We offer the flexibility to customize not only the aesthetics of the GMT watches but also the rotors. Our team will collaborate with you to create custom rotors that reflect the unique essence of your brand.

Q6:What is the MOQ?

If just change logo , we can make for you in 100pcs, if you need make your own watch dial, your own watch design ,MOQ is 300 pcs.

Partner with Watch Idea to redefine your brand’s horological identity with our exclusive GMT watches, where innovation meets tradition in every ticking second.

Check the GMT Globe Watch Below:

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