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FAQ on how to make watch rotors for your watch brands?

1.Could I make watch rotor for NH35/36/38/39,or for Sellita Sw200/Sw300/SW400,Or Eta 2824/2836 etc. different models?

Yes,we can, because we can custom watch the rotor based on your automatic movement model No. then make technical drawings, confirm with your team

2. If we need a custom watch rotor /oscillating weight for our mechanical watch, What do we need to offer? How to confirm it can fix the case back very well?


1>.If your case and case back didn’t make it, you can make the case back based on our rotor technical drawing,

2>.If your case and case back have been finished, just offer the case drawing , please check the sample, we just need this size then we can move on to production and the rotor can fix your case back very well.

watch case

Watch casing drawing
Watch casing drawing

3.How to choose the design?

You can download the catalog from the below link, choose our before watch rotor, or you can make a design for your own automatic watch rotor, based on your watch design,the texture of the oscillating weight

Watch Rotor Catalog

4.If there are automatic watch rotor noise when use a new rotor?

We suggest when you buy the watch movement, you can detach the original bearing,and keep them ,when the rotor finished, you can use the original watch rotor, it can make your watch same as original movement,

5.Could I make sample before order ?

Yes, we can make sample before bulk order,

6. How to pay for the cost?

For the sample fee, we support T/T, Western union, Paypal, etc. for bulk orders, we suggest using T/T, or bank transfer.

7. How to deliver the watch rotors?

We can use FEdex,UPS、DHL etc. because the rotor’s weight is lower, so cost is low and you can receive asap.

8.What is the MOQ ?

Our MOQ is 200-300pcs, but we suggest you can place order in 500pcs, price is more competitive, because NH series, Sellita 200,300 series,or Miyota 82 series, some models watch rotor can use same size, so you can make together ,use for your different watch design.

9.Can you make different colors watch rotors?

Yes, we can ,please download our catalog, you can see many different colors watch rotors.

If can not download just whatsApp us :+86-18033083691 or email to

We can send to you .


Additional information


Watch Rotor/Automatic watch Movement Rotor

Model No.

Miyota 9015 movement/Swiss 2824-2/Seiko 8N24 Movement

Movement No.

ETA 2824-2 Movement Rotor

Product Details

How to find a watch rotor manufacturer?

It is a custom watch rotor guide page, from watch rotor design to watch rotor production,, then from pay to delivery, how to assemble the rotor etc. hope can help you ,We are a watch rotor manufacturer, so we specialized in custom watch rotors production, so we hope to cooperate with watch manufacturers or watch brands,

In the market, there are Miyota mechanical movement, Seiko automatic watch movement, Sellita  ETA, Landeron, STP, Lajoux-Perret, etc. Japanese And Swiss movement brands,

For Miyota movement:8 series, like 8215,8205,8217,82S0, 8N24,8N40,82S7,82S5,9 seies:9015,9029,90S5,9019,9039,6T series,6T51,6T5,6T28, etc. movement model No. we can custom rotor based on the movement, and your case drawing, make sure the rotor fixes very well with your case back.

For Seiko movement:NH35,NH36,NH34A ,NH37,NH38,NH39 etc.series,

For STP movement, STP 1 STP 2, etc.

For Sellita ,SW100,SW200 Sw300 ,SW400,SW500 ,SW210 ,SW510,SW530,SW560,SW1000etc.

STP ,STP-1,STP-2 etc.

For Landeron,Landeron 24 etc.

For Lajoux-Perret,Lajoux-Perret G100 etc.model NO.

All we can custom based on the automatic movement drawing,so if there are any ideas for your own watch rotors, please feel free to contact us.

Oscillating Weight manufacturer
Oscillating Weight manufacturer
self winding watch rotors factory
self-winding watch rotors factory
Watch Rotor Manufacturers
Watch Rotor Manufacturers

What is your watch movement No.?

Miyota 9015 movement, Seiko 8N24 Movement?
All models look the same, so how to make your watch looks unique from others?
Custom rotor makes your watch unique, but how to find a reliable watch movement rotor manufacturer?

Because watch rotor is the part of the movement, it is high presision part, if you need your watch winding very well, the tungsten part have to be caculated based on your watch rotor design, our watchmaker will check your design, and we need your casing drawing to see, if the rotor can fix your watch case very well, here are the casing drawing,

If u find us – Watch Idea watch rotor and oscillating weight’s supplier, we can offer the service for you, we have our own technical engineer to make your watch rotor design into a real watch rotor, if you need design support, we have our own design team designed for you.

We can offer a drawing to confirm with your watch supplier, it is easier for you.

Our factory video here:

We are a Individual watchmaker’s watch and watch movement and movement parts factory, our watchmaker focus on watchmaking over 43 years, and

our projects finalised in 2020 GPHG, so all of watches and watch rotors in swiss standard, and we don’t show customer’s designs on our showroom and website, so it can protect customer’s designs very well, and we are the only one Chinese watch manufacturer use all our original designs,

So all watch rotors and watches we offer to you in Swiss standard , please check our watchmaker training and communicated photos with Switzerland individual watchmakers,so if three are any inquiry just contact  whatsApp:+86-18033083691

We can make your design idea into the rotors and will make a very reliable structure ,make your watch rotors move very well.

Here are the photo our watchmaker with famous individual watchmaker Philippe Dufour ,the watch on his hand is our new watch ,

Our watchmaker’s watch are surprised so many Switzerland individual watchmakers, so it is our quality proomise.

Looking forward to working together in the future, call me :+86-13809626361

Philippe Dufour & Our watchmaker
Philippe Dufour & Our watchmaker

watch rotor machines-our factory


Custom watch Rotor Packaging:

watch rotor packaging

How to assemble the watch rotor :

From the video,u can see how to assemble the new rotor and how to detach the old rotor,

Want to know more about us,just contact us or click our Homepage:


Home-Watch Manufacturer



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